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We are a small group from Denver with backgrounds in financial investment advice, foreclosures, REO's, and real estate.  We have good bandwidth and connections into county courts, clerks, assessors, treasurers, tax collectors, sheriffs, and delinquent attorneys in all states that allow overbid capture.  We occasionally go to auctions to collect excess proceeds data personally.  


Early on, we decided it would be unethical to actively work the asset recovery business while distributing lists, so we do not work in that business.  Furthermore, we restrict the amount of lists distributed to the public to protect their value.


Since we don't work the business, we refrain from giving specific advice about it, as we may not be up to date on current, or changing laws and regulations.  We suggest you contact your educational source for these type questions.  If you do not have an educational source, or can't get the answers you need, we will consult with you to recommend a prudent course of action based on your needs.  Simply give us a call, and we will schedule a time to get to know you.  


We believe in great customer service.  We want to make sure that every customer is happy, no matter what.  We are willing to share our knowlege with our customers, so please do not be afraid to call us.  The return of excess proceeds to the rightful owner is always the right thing to do.


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