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These are individual Oklahoma county lists from county Tax Sales and auctions indicating all Overbids, Excess Proceeds, Excess Funds, or Surplus Funds from the sale or auction.

These RESULTS are verified direct from the county.  

These are NOT the traditional tax sale lists produced BEFORE the auction that do not show the RESULTS.  These lists clearly show the overage amount that is collectable and rightfully due the original taxpayer that asset recovery specialists are looking for.  As always, in order to respect your time, all lists:

  • Show the actual  Tax Sale Results,  Excess Proceeds,  or  Surplus Funds
  • 100% post sale lists, (not pre-tax sale lists)
  • Always direct from County or taxing jurisdiction, so the data is accurate
  • Have a valid property description, and overage amount
  • Immediately receive an email at the time of purchase with a link to download your lists
  • All our lists contain a minimum of one $5,000.00 overage

Please choose counties from the drop down menu on the right, and place them in the shopping cart one at a time until you are finished.  Then proceed to 'checkout'.

All lists clearly indicate the county, state, and date of the auction.

Below is a list of the counties currently available in the drop-down box.


Bryan, OK 2007-2011.xls
Bryan, OK Jun 2012.xlsx
Canadian, OK 2011 - Excess proceeds.doc
Canadian, OK Jun 2012.xls
Cleveland, OK 1 of 2.pdf
Cleveland, OK 2 of 2.pdf
Jefferson, OK Jun 2011.doc
Lincoln, OK Jan 2013 (ecxess proceeds).docx
Mcintosh, OK Jun 2011.pdf
Ottawa, OK Jun 2011 (excess funds).xlsx
Ottawa, OK Jun 2012.xls
Rogers, OK Nov 2012.xls
Washington, OK Jun 2011.pdf
Washington, OK Jun 2012.pdf
Washington, OK Jun 2012[1].pdf



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