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  1. We show the actual  Tax Sale Results,  Excess Proceeds,  or  Surplus Funds
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Excess Proceeds Monthly Subscription 

Our monthly subscription service is available to anyone.  We monitor most countiy tax sales and provide a minimum of 50 lists per month, depending on auction schedules.  You may become a subscriber for $99.95 per month, which is 60% discount to our regular list prices, and can be stopped at any time.  List groups are sent weekly via email (on Fridays) in advance of public distribution, 

Subscribers begin receiving lists the first Friday of the month following enrollment. 

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These lists include thresults of the tax sale, and show the excess proceeds amount.    All lists are direct from the county and are not manipulated or amended in any way, in order to preserve the accuracy of the information.  To ensure that you do not waste your time, we verify that all lists have a minimum of at least one overage of at least $5,000.00.  

We gather lists every week.  You may purchase the entire group for that week, or buy them individually.  If you become a subscriber, you get lists every week for half price.  Our list gathering is determined by the tax sale and auction schedule of counties across the country, so we post lists from any county that recently had a sale.  Any lists that do not meet our minimum requirements are included in list group products and to subscribers for free.

Our lists show excess proceeds, excess funds, surplus funds, overages, and overbids from tax lien, tax certificate, and tax deed sales and auctions.  By definition, surplus funds are created at the sale, and our lists indicte those surpluses, along with a property description, and/or taxpayer name. 

If you have taken an educational course in asset recovery, this is the data and the lists that you will need. We invite you to browse through our store and shop with confidence. You may register with us for future list notifications if you like, or shop as a guest.