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Why subscribe to our excess proceeds list service?

  • We show the actual  Tax Sale Results,  Excess Proceeds,  or  Surplus Funds
  • We deliver current, weekly, excess proceeds results to your inbox
  • We have only 100% post sale lists, (not pre-tax sale lists)
  • We never 'cherry pick', or manipulate lists in any way
  • Always direct from County or taxing jurisdiction
  • Always include the state, county, month, and year of the sale in a standardized format for easy searching
  • Always have a valid, searchable property description 
  • Formatted in Excel (.xls, xlsx), Adobe Acrobat (.pdf), or Word (.doc, .docx)
  • Access to our historical list database (>5000 files going back 3-5 years)
  • Receive downloadable lists weekly via email (you keep them on your computer)
  • Targeted geographical, and timeline searches
  • Exclusivity


Excess Proceeds Monthly Subscription  

Subscription Options


Our monthly subscription service is currently available to anyone.  

As a subscriber, you get a minimum of 50 current excess proceeds lists every month, delivered by email every Friday for $39.95/month.

We maintain a schedule, monitor most county tax sales, and provide current tax sale overage, excess proceeds, and excess funds produced from those tax sales in the form of county generated lists (to preserve their accuracy).  We email those lists to our subscribers weekly as our national tax sale schedule dictates.  These emails will contain downloadable excess proceeds lists from the most current, and recently released sales. 

Subscribers are allowed access to our historical database of about 5000 lists going back as far as 5 years.  We place a limit of 5 lists per month simply to prevent a download of our entire database.  If more are required, we will charge a small fee.    

Subscribers will also be able to request targeted list searches, based on geographical and timeline parameters, allowing targeted research for redemption periods, and other factors.

Subscribers begin receiving lists the first Friday following enrollment.  

We look forward to serving your county tax sale excess proceeds, and excess funds list needs.  We are available during normal business hours for questions concerning lists.  

After enrolling, you will receive an email confirmation of your subscription, and weekly list groups on Fridays.

You are not locked into any contracts, and may stop your membership at any time.

You may subscribe on a monthly, or discounted annual basis....please choose below.  


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